My Mobile Work Station – Property Agent Tools

Here’s a doze of my mobile station that allows me to work anywhere be it in the car, in the washroom or when meeting clients :)


HTC Touch Pro

The former Dopod 838Pro (Hermes) was retired last year. I was one of the first few who jumped into the sliding keyboard form factor when Dopod launched its old 838Pro despite its brick like size.

XDA Developers has been my creed for the past few years on mobile upgrades, customed ROMS which work usually wonders than the original ones provided by HTC and tweaks that maximises the phone’s potential.

With the TouchPRO, reminders and calendars are the boon to Realtor jobs, friendly Opera browsing and email functions are pluses (which I dont really use much since 3G/HSPDA connections tax alot on the battery life usually)

ps. I’ve just gotten the news that Touch Pro 2 is to be released by HTC this Q2. Pfft.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 – How does it Look

Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile

A video from jkOnTheRun seems to have showed a HTC phone using the latest 6.5 build of WM 6.5.

It looks erratic and weird to me, and there doesn’t seem to be huge improvements over its 6.1 built except eye candies like a honey-comb design.

Well I’ve been a WM user long enough but I’m curious if the Graphical User Interface (GUI) changes for WM 6.5, how would HTC’s TouchFLO interfaces with the new WM on the latest lines of HTC Phones (Touch, TouchPRO, Touch HD).

Honeycomb looks.. weird.