Propertyguru’s Analytics Reviewed

Propertyguru Analytics

It has been awhile after my Streetsine review in August and September 2009, since then they have evolved pretty nicely as my “impress my clients” must-have tools which helped me save alot of time.

Propertyguru’s Analytics isn’t new to the market (well, newer as compared to Streetsine, but it should have been around for almost close to half a year I would reckon) and flaunts almost the same capabilities as Streetsine on the data compiled for comparative analysis for property searches. How does it really fair? ..

The Search

Since it has become a defacto standard for all Realtors to market through PropertyGuru, there’s no reason for you not to explore that little yellow text tab on the top right hand corner named “Analytics”.

Propertyguru Analytics Search
Propertyguru Analytics Search

Relatively friendly user interface. Hit in the project for condominium or road name and you’ll be able to see a good load of transaction data.

Good summary info on Project
Good summary info on Project

What I like is the Nearby Construction, in which allowing you to know whether the project is affected by any pollution in the area.

Impressive Presentation

Impressive Presentation
Impressive Presentation

Building report is easy. You could custom your report with your client’s name, and choose the particular unit that you are keen on generating. One difference clearly to note from StreetSine would be once you have selected the unit, the bedroom type would automatically be selected as well.

The report which will come in pdf format is also being sent to your email so you could reference it anytime instead of generating another new copy.

You can custom your report with a Proposed Sale Price and many other options which tailors to your need as a presenter when you’re showing and working on getting an exclusive with your client. Generating a report takes less than 5 minutes.

On-the-go information in less than 5 minutes time? Phew, much better than our old style of compiling these data for a few hours when we do our presentations 3 years ago? ;)

Easy to Read and Understand

Summary for Project is Easy to Read and Understand
Summary for Project is Easy to Read and Understand

As compared to its StreetSine peers which is data packed, PropertyGuru’s presentation in the reports is much bite-size and easier to understand. I suppose being the number one property portal in Singapore, they have enough photos, data and copywriting of condo projects that they could simply pull from to put it up in a generated report.

You can download a copy of this report that I have generated here for reference.

In a Nutshell

Not far away from StreetSine’s capabilities, lacklustre a little in terms of details such as Amenities in the area and SBS bus numbers, but I suppose as competitors they’ll always be looking at outdoing each other. I’m looking forward to Propertyguru actually releasing a iPad/iPhone version of its Analytics to compete with what Streetsine has.

PropertyGuru Analytics has my thumbs up and is highly recommended for Realtors like us because of the value of its subscription. At the moment its only costing Propertyguru users $380 per year, only a fraction of what StreetSine is charging.

Contact Melissa, PropertyGuru

Interested Realtor colleagues can find out more on the pricing and packages offered by PropertyGuru through Melissa at +65 94888864. Not too sure whether you have discount when you quote my name, but you can try lol

2 thoughts on “Propertyguru’s Analytics Reviewed

  1. Benson, I tried PropertyGuru analytics last month and asked for refund a week after using it. My experience with it is terrible. The transaction data is outdated which got me embarrassed in front of my client. Tried generating a landed report and the results are totally incoherent! After closer examination of the other condo and Hdb reports, I realized that there are many mistakes in the comparison. My colleague recommended me to attend StreetSine’s training next week instead.

    1. Interesting to note Sharon. I’ll double confirm on this and decide :) Again thanks for sharing, its critical that we must make sure the facts that we present to our clients for sure.

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