One18 Residences Phnom Penh by Kingsland Global

I’m never one to endorse overseas projects due to this class of investment’s uncertainties as appose to our regular local projects where we know our demography a lot better. However, One18 Residences has piqued my interest knowing the people behind the development and after numerous stress tests on the developer and SRI is proud to be the sole exclusive marketing agency for One18 Residences, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

One18 Residences
Towering in Phnom Penh City and enjoy great views from the high floor of One18 Residences

Growing Cambodia

Still a third world nation, Cambodia has been enjoying exceptional growth and attention from foreign direct investments (FDI) in recent years. She has enjoyed averagely over 7.2% in GDP growth annually and is set to do the same at least in upcoming years; As for us at home, being a first world and with recent big slump in the financial, oil and gas industry, we are experiencing one of the weakest growth in GDP over the past 7 years.

As with a member of AEC and situated in almost the same latitude of great AEC neighbours, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. They are growing rapidly with strong young population and transforming quickly into a business hub with attractive favourable conditions for new and established businesses.

Location, Location, Location

People who are familiar with Cambodia would know Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1) and the Independence Monument area. Singapore investors who have invested in Phnom Penh projects such as Oxley’s The Bridge (both residential and commercial units) is also aware that Phnom Penh is a competitive space as the footprint of the capital city is not that big.

The government of Cambodia has since been expanding the areas; With the influx of FDIs and a construction boom going on for the past 3 years, developers from different countries namely China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and even our own home developers has been assisting in modernising the skylines of the capital.

One18 Residence is strategically located at 118 Sangkat Meattapheab, minutes walk to Phnom Penh City Center (new CBD) and right across Cambodia’s second biggest upcoming mall Parkson. Parkson will be ready before One18 Residences TOP, which will transform the vibrancy of the area.

Prime location where supply is limited.
Prime location where supply is limited.

US Dollar Denominated Real Estate Asset

Cambodian properties are denominated by US Dollar, the leading forex currency in the world. So when you buy in USD, you sell in USD too. As with MAS current forecast of our GDP’s performance, you might see SGD possibly easing off against USD in the short term (it’s good to hold USD in this case!)

Premium Product

Kingsland Global (listed with ASX:KLO) with over 38 years of experience has commissioned AEDAS to design One18 Residences. As with this product, it’s their 2nd of their 4th project in the country. With it’s outstanding function spaces of each serviced residence and a modern facade, One18 Residences will be the tallest building in its vicinity.

Featuring on it’s high ceilings of 3.5m and luxury spaces of at least 110sqm for 1-bedroom, 180sqm for 2-bedroom and 330sqm for it’s 3+study, it’s meant, catered and built to Cambodian luxury standards.

Artiste impression of Wangz standard for its One18 serviced residences
Artiste impression of Wangz standard for its One18 serviced residences

Low Risk, No Hassle

For people who are concerned about oversupply due to Cambodia recent construction boom over the years, this serviced residence is only 81 apartments strong and is managed by Wangz Singapore, a hospitality business of 38 years locally who has been managing Wangz Hotel and Forest by Wangz. As a comparison with developers who are constructing projects of over 200 – 300 apartments, Kingsland focused on quality small quantity residences which services the vicinity.

As One18 Residences is situated in  which you will see a demand for hospitality solutions as it’s walking distance to Phnom Penh City Center (PPCC) in Tuol Kouk as compared to competitors and main construction effort is around Tonle Bassac district area where supply is abundance.

So when you buy a One18 Residences, clearly you don’t have to manage and worry about the tenant occupancy. All you have to do is to furnish your account details for the rental returns and let the developer update you on the construction and serviced apartment business milestones along the way.

Clear Entry, Clear Exit

We always worry about investing overseas products because of the hassle of engaging a realtor to do its leasing and selling later when it comes to unfamiliar environment after the asset has TOP.

With a buyback structureafter 5 years, your capital is protected and has a bottom capital appreciation of 20% (not including your rental returns yet). So it means there is a horizon of  medium term (5 years of holding after TOP, 3 years of construction) that offers you a steady returns year-on-year, which makes this diversification a clear winner in your real estate portfolio.

We are still at the VVIP prelaunch stage but a good number of units has been pre-booked/ sold. Don’t miss this good chance since there is only 81 possible opportunities (down to 59)! Prices start from only 250,000USD for a 1-bedroom (from 110sqm), optional bank financing is available too.

Contact me or any of our SRI realtors for a detailed breakdown on how it works out for a 55% returns over a short 8 year span* in a no obligation detailed presentation. Or just punch your Name, email and number below for us to to get back to you! :)

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