Bad News for Singapore Realtors – ERP Rates Up Again

Just when you think inflation is the one doing the bad work. LTA has just announced an increase in ERP gantries along key areas and increased gantry rates.

Singapore ERP Rates Up by 7th July 2008
Photo credit: Khalid Saad

Key date: July 7th 2008
Key rate increase: $0.50 to $2.00

There’re a total of 65 gantries and almost half of the numbers’ prices will be adjusted. 5 new gantries will be built and there will be 5 new gantries along the Singapore River.

Key Most Expensive Timings to enter ERP: 6pm – 7.30pm along selected ERP Gantries/ Saturdays from 12.30pm -8pm on selected ERP Gantries. Cost $2.00

More details can be found in LTA’s One.Motoring portal here.

Well, potential overseas investors can be relieved that the Government is doing fundamentally sound in its politics and infrastructure to attract foreign funds into Singapore. That’s probably one revenue that supports the clause!

Fellow Realtors would probably need to cycle to work next time. lol.

When One of Your Raptors Die – The Raid0 Problem

I was so proud of my desktop at home a year ago. 4 SATA hard disks running at raid0, with two undisputed speed demons, namely my new pair of Western Digital’s Raptor (74GB). It’s my habit to leave the computer on since I’m almost on it 24/7.

Until the best thing that had ever happen to me when I least expected it. One of the Raptor crashed. Almost most of my Real Estate files, photos and details went pfft in a matter of a day’s time. Though I could try to do a data recovery with WD’s approved data recovery company, it’s too expensive to do so.

Hard Disk Crashed..
photo credit: lost.modern

Sending my hard disk for RMA means there’s at least 2 weeks down time with it. The best thing I could depend on is my laptop to work. That means not much multi-tasking is allowed (with the limitation of ram as compared to my monster 4gb). I was thinking of doing a new raid 0+1 (with 8 hard disks), but ditched the idea after thinking of the cost.

This is the first and its going to be the last time that I ever leave important data unmanaged on my desktop folder.


ps. The most simple solution would be getting a good sized external hard drive which would simply cost you less than $500 for a 1TB to store periodical back ups of your hard disk with programs like Acronis.

pps. Strikes Western Digital off my list alongside with Hitachi, the former IBM.

An Unethical Agent on the Prowl

Daniel’s Yahoo D-Agent group is definitely a good place for Realtor’s to share their listings for quick matches. With over 1,000 fellow Realtors, a daily digest of listings would be good for you as an agent to match your listing for your clients.

Something caught my eye, and I suppose things like this happens from time to time when you deal with rotten agent colleagues.

Dear Friends,

just encountered one unethical agent.

His name is ******. He called asking for info
for one of my units and require more information.

After giving him all the information i have, he
requested for me to send him the floorplan.

I emailed him some pictures of my unit but unfortunately,
i do not have the floor plan so i explained to him nicely.

He msg me at least 3 times asking me for the floorplan
which i politely explained that i do not have, so does
the owner.

Finally he msg me:” forget it….”

And when i tried explaining further and offering to help,
he replied :” stop sms..”

I ran a search on his number and realised he is an agent.

His telephone no: ********** Please save this to prevent people like
this to take advantage.

I don’t see any reasons why this agent would want to sabotage another person, but things like that happen from time to time.

Shame on you. Not as if Petric owes you a living. Maybe we should have a blacklist for agents who gives other fellow agents trouble and just don’t deal or co-broke with them.

Worcell – The Best Way to Get Batteries In Singapore

If you’re looking for extra spare batteries for your PDA phones/ phones/ SLR cameras on websites and is thinking to save up courier fees from overseas, look no further.

Worcell - Singapore Premier Battery Bank

Singapore’s very own Worcell is your solution to spare or dying batteries, at least it saved me almost close to 100 bucks for my high capacity 3,000 mAh battery (which is made in Korea apparently as stated on Worcell’s website). They even offered me a free desktop USB charger.

Well Wong was a kind person. I’ve visited their warehouse at Admiralty Street to collect two cells for my Dopod 838 Pro and he waited for me even when it’s past lunch time. I’m a weird person, they offer free delivery, but I’m that sort that likes to have my new toy as soon as I can.

The cells work brilliantly, better than the original (discounting that the original has been working really hard for 1 and a half year). My 3,000 mAh battery can last me for 2.5 days straight. I’m a heavy user.

ps. Good customer service. He even sent me an extra cover for the 3,000mAh through post after I’ve text him about something that popped out. Worcell, you’ve gotten a new fan :) has Added Customise URL Function

Well well, short and sweet. has added a customise URL function.

How it works

Aliph Jawbone 2 works GREAT

Say you love this Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth (i’ve got mine and it works GREAT) listing from Ebay and wanna share with your friend through newsgroup,

Woohoo. Pretty long. After snipping it with, you’ll get

Short and sweet isn’t it? Except people doesn’t know what’s 0e0e. They can also turn on the preview function to avoid being brought to somewhere that they don’t like.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if you can rename your 0e0e into something else like.. jawbone2? Click on ‘Customise URL’, type in the link name that you like.

Now it makes sense what sort of URL you’re going to isn’t it? Take note the minimum characters that you can use to customise your link is 4, and the maximum is 15. Happy SUing! the URL Shortener Adds In Preview Function

I’ve just added the URL Preview function to, the cool way to shorten your URL.

Why Preview Function?

You’ve seen a domain loitering around. It directs you to somewhere instantly. You don’t like it. Some reasons are:

  • Another crappy affiliate ad link hidden behind
  • A virus/ trojan link which makes you vulnerable
  • Some indecent site that you wouldn’t or maybe someone behind you whom you don’t want them to look at.

How It Works - How Preview Works

You’ll have to allow cookies to be stored on your browser. It’ll basically give you a preview of the address that is masking behind. Something like this:

Having that enabled, you can feel alot safer when you navigate with links!

Try it for Free!

Try it now for free! And if you have any indecent URL masking behind, please feel free to report to me.

Fancy Winning $100 From HDB For Submitting Ideas?

This reminds me alot about SAF when they reward serviceman who submits good WITS idea and more if the idea is implemented.. in cash.

Shaping My Punggol - an Intiative by HDB

The Housing Development Board (HDB) is calling out for Singapore Polytechnic students to contribute ideas to Punggol’s remake over (dubbed as the Waterfront Town of the 21st Century). Architecture poly students and even public can contribute ideas by heading to HDB’s Call for Ideas page. Deadline for submission is on the 30th of June.

– Top 10 submissions will be given $1,000 cash each.
– Good and feasible ideas will be translated into actual design.
– Publication of selected entries.
– Selected ideas will be posted online in the Ideas Gallery.

On also another serious side, HDB has also opened another competition for Urban Planners, Architects and Landscape Architects to come out with designs that can suit the waterway theme. They’ll have to buy a Design Competition Package from HDB, more details can be found here.

Letting the public who’s living in Punggol to shape the landscape, smart!

2 Ways to Buying Singapore Property for Investment

Continuing from where we left, we’ll now can up the process of acquiring a piece of real estate in Singapore. There are generally two ways of purchasing a private residential property in Singapore.

  1. By way of an Option to Purchase
  2. By entering into a Sales and Purchase Agreement

By Way of an Option to Purchase

This is the more common way of transacting. You will have to come up with an initial 1% of the purchase price (we call it the “option money”) in exchange for the Option to Purchase.

Your are usually given 14 days to decide whether to proceed with the purchase. If you decide to proceed, exercise the option by signing and forward it to the seller’s solicitor together with another 4% of the purchase price.

Note if you think you would want to abandon your intention to purchase, the seller (vendor) will be entitled to forfeit your option money.

Completion of sale will usually be 8 – 12 weeks after exercising the option. This period allows both solicitors to seek relevant authority permissions, lodging a caveat and check whether the property title is make good.

By Sales and Purchase Agreement

Less common way to transact (example: developer sale). You usually pay a deposit of 5% to 10% usually of the purchase price. There’s no backing out upon signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement unless the seller (vendor) is unable to fulfill certain conditions in the agreement.

But Before Purchasing..

Before signing any Option to Purchase or Sales & Purchase agreement, always be prudent and ask your Realtor to vet the clauses properly for you. And to be on an even safer side, you can always forward the copy of Option to Purchase for your solicitor to vet everything is A-okay.

Your Realtor can always use an Offer to Purchase with the words ‘Subject to Contract’ added to be on tbe safe side in your favor pending on situations. Remember to add these words at the back of your cheque as well.

Singapore Real Estate for Investment – The Requirements

A Definite and Easy Guideline on how to buy Singapore Real Estate for Investment if you are a Foreigner

Landscape look of Raffles City

First off, we need to know the requirements for foreign investors who wishes to own a piece of Singapore real estate. We know that the Singapore government has relaxed the rules of foreign real estate ownership since the 1970s till now. Defining the term Foreigner in Singapore contacts, as long as you’re not a:

  • Singapore citizen
  • Singapore company
  • Singapore LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Singapore society

You’ll fall under the category as a foreigner in Singapore. Restrictions apply on the type of property you would like to buy.

Types of Property That Foreigners are Restricted To:

  • You will need relevant approval from authorities before you can acquire the following:-
  • Vacant residential land
  • Landed property such as detached/ semi-detached/ terrace houses
  • Landed property in strata developments which are not approved condominium developments
  • Shophouses which are in residential zones
  • All the apartments or the whole units in a particular condominium/ project (making you the possible owner of a piece of land)
  • Leasehold estate in restricted resdential property for a term not exceeding 7 years
  • HDB flat purchased directly from HDB

You are allowed to purchase without prior approval:

  • Any apartment within a building
  • Any unit in an approved condominium under the Planning Act

Which gives you ample room for investment, since Singapore land is scarce, sound fundamentals and growing population, the demand for homes will only rise.

Next, we’ll cover the transaction process of how to buy your own property as a foreigner even if you haven’t stepped onto this sunny Singapore shore before. – A Shortcut Tool for Fellow Realtors

Have you got a url you’ve always wanted to share on the papers when you advertise a particular property and want to show a online flyer with photos on your particular marketed property? Always face this problem when your intended URL is too long to be published?


Trimming URL with

Introducing the brand new (, a new URL trimmer works similarly to which I’ve fixed up for everyone to use. How it really works.

Say I’m marketing this particular Sunhaven condominium unit in Upper Changi Road and I’d like people to know about it. Instead of advertising a 4 liner on District 15/16 Apartments for Sale as normally:

Sunhaven 3+1. Freehold. 1251 sqft. Beautiful poolview. Full Facilities, Well maintained. Call 91253045 Benson

I could add an online flyer URL to it, which I do have with the URL .. Ooh. So it’s too long and cumbersome to place it on CATS and papers? comes in real handy.

Sunhaven 3+1. Freehold. 1251 sqft. Beautiful poolview. Full Facilities, Well maintained. Call 91253045 Benson or visit

The best part of using