has Added Customise URL Function

Well well, short and sweet. has added a customise URL function.

How it works

Aliph Jawbone 2 works GREAT

Say you love this Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth (i’ve got mine and it works GREAT) listing from Ebay and wanna share with your friend through newsgroup,

Woohoo. Pretty long. After snipping it with, you’ll get

Short and sweet isn’t it? Except people doesn’t know what’s 0e0e. They can also turn on the preview function to avoid being brought to somewhere that they don’t like.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if you can rename your 0e0e into something else like.. jawbone2? Click on ‘Customise URL’, type in the link name that you like.

Now it makes sense what sort of URL you’re going to isn’t it? Take note the minimum characters that you can use to customise your link is 4, and the maximum is 15. Happy SUing! the URL Shortener Adds In Preview Function

I’ve just added the URL Preview function to, the cool way to shorten your URL.

Why Preview Function?

You’ve seen a domain loitering around. It directs you to somewhere instantly. You don’t like it. Some reasons are:

  • Another crappy affiliate ad link hidden behind
  • A virus/ trojan link which makes you vulnerable
  • Some indecent site that you wouldn’t or maybe someone behind you whom you don’t want them to look at.

How It Works - How Preview Works

You’ll have to allow cookies to be stored on your browser. It’ll basically give you a preview of the address that is masking behind. Something like this:

Having that enabled, you can feel alot safer when you navigate with links!

Try it for Free!

Try it now for free! And if you have any indecent URL masking behind, please feel free to report to me.

Fancy Winning $100 From HDB For Submitting Ideas?

This reminds me alot about SAF when they reward serviceman who submits good WITS idea and more if the idea is implemented.. in cash.

Shaping My Punggol - an Intiative by HDB

The Housing Development Board (HDB) is calling out for Singapore Polytechnic students to contribute ideas to Punggol’s remake over (dubbed as the Waterfront Town of the 21st Century). Architecture poly students and even public can contribute ideas by heading to HDB’s Call for Ideas page. Deadline for submission is on the 30th of June.

– Top 10 submissions will be given $1,000 cash each.
– Good and feasible ideas will be translated into actual design.
– Publication of selected entries.
– Selected ideas will be posted online in the Ideas Gallery.

On also another serious side, HDB has also opened another competition for Urban Planners, Architects and Landscape Architects to come out with designs that can suit the waterway theme. They’ll have to buy a Design Competition Package from HDB, more details can be found here.

Letting the public who’s living in Punggol to shape the landscape, smart!

2 Ways to Buying Singapore Property for Investment

Continuing from where we left, we’ll now can up the process of acquiring a piece of real estate in Singapore. There are generally two ways of purchasing a private residential property in Singapore.

  1. By way of an Option to Purchase
  2. By entering into a Sales and Purchase Agreement

By Way of an Option to Purchase

This is the more common way of transacting. You will have to come up with an initial 1% of the purchase price (we call it the “option money”) in exchange for the Option to Purchase.

Your are usually given 14 days to decide whether to proceed with the purchase. If you decide to proceed, exercise the option by signing and forward it to the seller’s solicitor together with another 4% of the purchase price.

Note if you think you would want to abandon your intention to purchase, the seller (vendor) will be entitled to forfeit your option money.

Completion of sale will usually be 8 – 12 weeks after exercising the option. This period allows both solicitors to seek relevant authority permissions, lodging a caveat and check whether the property title is make good.

By Sales and Purchase Agreement

Less common way to transact (example: developer sale). You usually pay a deposit of 5% to 10% usually of the purchase price. There’s no backing out upon signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement unless the seller (vendor) is unable to fulfill certain conditions in the agreement.

But Before Purchasing..

Before signing any Option to Purchase or Sales & Purchase agreement, always be prudent and ask your Realtor to vet the clauses properly for you. And to be on an even safer side, you can always forward the copy of Option to Purchase for your solicitor to vet everything is A-okay.

Your Realtor can always use an Offer to Purchase with the words ‘Subject to Contract’ added to be on tbe safe side in your favor pending on situations. Remember to add these words at the back of your cheque as well.

Singapore Real Estate for Investment – The Requirements

A Definite and Easy Guideline on how to buy Singapore Real Estate for Investment if you are a Foreigner

Landscape look of Raffles City

First off, we need to know the requirements for foreign investors who wishes to own a piece of Singapore real estate. We know that the Singapore government has relaxed the rules of foreign real estate ownership since the 1970s till now. Defining the term Foreigner in Singapore contacts, as long as you’re not a:

  • Singapore citizen
  • Singapore company
  • Singapore LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Singapore society

You’ll fall under the category as a foreigner in Singapore. Restrictions apply on the type of property you would like to buy.

Types of Property That Foreigners are Restricted To:

  • You will need relevant approval from authorities before you can acquire the following:-
  • Vacant residential land
  • Landed property such as detached/ semi-detached/ terrace houses
  • Landed property in strata developments which are not approved condominium developments
  • Shophouses which are in residential zones
  • All the apartments or the whole units in a particular condominium/ project (making you the possible owner of a piece of land)
  • Leasehold estate in restricted resdential property for a term not exceeding 7 years
  • HDB flat purchased directly from HDB

You are allowed to purchase without prior approval:

  • Any apartment within a building
  • Any unit in an approved condominium under the Planning Act

Which gives you ample room for investment, since Singapore land is scarce, sound fundamentals and growing population, the demand for homes will only rise.

Next, we’ll cover the transaction process of how to buy your own property as a foreigner even if you haven’t stepped onto this sunny Singapore shore before. – A Shortcut Tool for Fellow Realtors

Have you got a url you’ve always wanted to share on the papers when you advertise a particular property and want to show a online flyer with photos on your particular marketed property? Always face this problem when your intended URL is too long to be published?


Trimming URL with

Introducing the brand new (, a new URL trimmer works similarly to which I’ve fixed up for everyone to use. How it really works.

Say I’m marketing this particular Sunhaven condominium unit in Upper Changi Road and I’d like people to know about it. Instead of advertising a 4 liner on District 15/16 Apartments for Sale as normally:

Sunhaven 3+1. Freehold. 1251 sqft. Beautiful poolview. Full Facilities, Well maintained. Call 91253045 Benson

I could add an online flyer URL to it, which I do have with the URL .. Ooh. So it’s too long and cumbersome to place it on CATS and papers? comes in real handy.

Sunhaven 3+1. Freehold. 1251 sqft. Beautiful poolview. Full Facilities, Well maintained. Call 91253045 Benson or visit

The best part of using


PropertyGuru Wins CNBC International Property Award


Congratulations to PropertyGuru for winning an international Property Award from CNBC ;) Scoops Prestigious CNBC International Property Award

The results of the CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards 2008 have just been revealed and AllProperty Media’s website has won an award in the category of “Best Property Portal Singapore”. The award will be presented at a glittering gala dinner to be held at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore on 20th July 2008.

Now in its 13th year, the International Property Awards are the largest real estate event recognizing the industry’s leading property professionals from around the globe. Hundreds of residential property-related firms from over 56 countries in Asia, Europe and Americas were evaluated by a senior expert real estate panel as part of CNBC’s annual International Property Awards process. In the case of the “Property Portal” category, firms were assessed against key criteria including Strategy and Website Design, Structure and Operation, Online Presence and Innovative Features, Breadth and Depth of Property Services, and Strength of Online Marketing.

“We have worked hard to build into Singapore’s leading property portal and are delighted to be recognized by our industry peers. It will spur us on to continue to innovate and provide even better service to Singapore’s consumers, real estate developers and agents.” said Jani Rautiainen and Steve Melhuish, co-founders of AllProperty Media and

Having been given this high recommendation, is now entitled to display the CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards’ logo with pride. This symbol of excellence will be recognised and appreciated by the public who are increasingly well informed and discerning about the properties they seek to buy.

Entries were judged by a panel of professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is second to none. Chaired by Eric Pickles, British Shadow Secretary of State, this year’s judges included Helen Shield, editor-in-chief of International Homes magazine; Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents; Phil Spencer, property expert and presenter of Channel 4’s Location and Relocation TV shows; Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of the National House Building Council; Christopher Hall, past president National Association of Estate Agents; Wilhelm Harnish, Master Builders of Australia (MBA); Thijis Staff, International Consortium of Real Estate Agents Association (ICREA); Santiago Herreros de Tejada, SIMA; Kirkor Ajderhanyan, French Real Estate Federation (FNAIM); Graham Norwood of the Daily Mail; David Hoppit, property writer; Paul Wyatt, head of design for LYCOS UK; Geoff Cohen, design director at Aukett Fitzroy Robinson architects; Jill Keene, editor of International Homes magazine; Diana Yakely, chairman British Interior Design Association; and Tad Zurlinden, Association of Relocation Professionals.

The award will be officially presented at a glittering gala dinner in Singapore on 20th July 2008 at the Marina Mandarin, attended by senior representatives from the international real estate industry.

About CNBC International Property Awards:

The annual International Property Awards recognizes the industry’s best residential property professionals from around the globe. Now in its 13th year, the awards have seen steady growth and the support team has grown from just two people to a team of 12 over the period and with entries from across the globe with firms representing 56 different countries. The awards are now established as the biggest in the world.

Winners from each country are re-judged and up to five are nominated within each category for the chance of being chosen as the Best in the World. In 2007 we held the grand final gala event at the internationally famous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Winning companies were also showcased at the world’s largest real estate professionals event organised by two of our sponsors – NAR and SIMA. 30,000 property professionals attended this in November 2007. In 2008 Gala events are planned for Singapore, Dubai, Madrid, London and New York.

The annual International Property Awards are judged by a panel of well-respected experts representing well-established professional bodies from different countries.

Now that’s another good way to bang your bucks for advertising if you’re a fellow Realtor.

Reliable Internet Mobile Connection for Singapore Realtors – M1 Broadband, Singtel Broadband on Mobile or Starhub Maxmobile?

To fellow Realtors, have you met up with a situation where you’d really like to check on caveat prices or get a document from your Agency’s website really badly and have to travel all the way back to the office or home to get things done when you can close your deal in an instance if you have a laptop and a working internet connection in hand?

Let me paint the picture “Oh crap, I have to logon to e-Office to check on the recent transacted price. . Sigh wish I can logon to AgenTools now to arrange for viewings for my client in my car” I bet they’re familiar.

Sure you could just go to any Starbucks or Macdonalds or even anywhere near central to get a WIFI connection provided by Wireless@SG, but that means you have to travel to the particular place and it doesn’t mean that your connection would still be reliable. I had this problem in Starbucks recently even when Wireless@SG has two access points, connection is totally intermittent.


Try using the solutions in other countries and pay for roaming charges, be warned. I have been a subscriber of these 3G sim card solutions ever since a year ago when M1 just introduced a flat fee plan for an unlimited plan (data cap, but anything more than 1 GB is more than enough if you don’t download stuffs with it).

M1M1 Broadband. It’s Anywhere

Cost (at the moment) – $22.42 per month for 1MBPS, no Data Cap, 6 months contract

What you get when you sign up: A Vodafone USB Modem or a Vodafone PCMCIA Modem or a Linksys Vodafone 3G/UTMS Router

Singtel Singtel Broadband on Mobile

Cost (at the moment) – $22.42 per month for 512KBPS, 50G Cap, 12 – 24 months contract

ps. I’ve signed up for 24 months contract, 12 months free subscription, which effectively cuts my subscription fee to $11.21 per month

What you get when you sign up: a Huawei USB Modem or a Samsung USB Modem (with free 1GB space). I opted for the Samsung one


Cost (at the moment) – $72.76 (50% off for Starhub customers) per month for 7.2MBPS

ps. Apparently the most expensive one in town if you are not an existing Starhub customer to enjoy the 50% off (even with the 50% thrown in), but of course, good speed.

With these solutions, you can always use your laptop on the go in any parts of Singapore and have your work done. If you think carrying your laptop is a hassle, a dual sim card PDA phone could use your plan too. Just simply put this particular 3G sim card to the DATA slot of your dualsim phone to enjoy a reliable connection.


Singtel's Broadband Man!
Photo credit: dpcafe

Singtel’s Broadband on Mobile. Probably because its basestations have better coverage in Singapore than the two other Telecommunication provider. I was even trying this connection on my friend’s cabin cruiser in Serimbun on the sea trying to email my client. Connection is smooth and flawless for even a 512KBPS connection.

M1 was ok, but the connection was somewhat weak/ and sometimes no connection at some parts of Singapore, namely the West area and especially Sentosa.

No chance to try Starhub’s. Too hefty for a non-Starhub customer to carry IMO. But I don’t really need a 7.2MBPS solution for my job. No multimedia intensive presentation required.

It seems that Singtel and M1 are having a price war on their mobile internet solutions. You can take the advantage now to sign up for any of their plans now, whoever is giving a better offer.

ps. Singtel’s naming convention of their mobile internet service would score much better in SEO on the internet. Smart.

ST701, PropertyGuru, iProperty Will Be Fighting For the Spot

After the recent major huge Google Pagerank and Alexa Internet traffic rank update, it seems that these three online classifieds, ST701, PropertyGuru and iProperty are gaining grounds and should be fighting for a really good spot for Singapore Realtors to reach out to our local community for real estate listing.

And as of recent Mocca changes if you didn’t notice, they have already started charging for property and car ads. Makes me wonder when are they starting to charge for everything else.

Wish there’s a Gumtree, Olx or a Craigtree version solely for Singapore which is totally free and is pretty effective for marketing.

I’ll be trying the premium service for the above mentioned for a year to see the effectiveness, coupled together with my own expertise in SEO for this domain to bring REM (Real Estate Marketing) in Singapore to a new height.

Watch out for my review.

Knight Frank Singapore Business Conference – We Are Real

Knight Frank - We're the Best

The conference in Fullerton Hotel was pleasant. Not a hit, but real pleasant.

Most of our Knight Frank Realtors were present, good colleagues Jimmy, Meng and Sean too. It’s a good gathering session which started off with a motivational talk from Nanz Chong, the founder of One.99 shop that went bust in 2003.

She was okay. At least she had an edge with failures that made her stronger, which I think her words actually made sense. I’ve heard better motivational speakers but hers was relevant and concise enough.

The best speaker of the day was Dr Billy Kueek, a real motivational speaker who knows how to catch your attention. Pointers were derived from experience and he made his studies before coming to give a presentation. He deserves the thumbs up of the day even ask compared to Dr Tan Tee Koon, runner-up. It’s always a knack when your presenters actually don’t make use of any paper references when they’re talking about their stuffs.

They know what they’re talking about. At least they come prepared.

Tony unleashed the new potential web 2.0 stuffs that he has made out for all Knight Frank agents. In all honesty, at this virgin stage, we wouldn’t exactly know how Google Adwords targeting niche words, buying multiple domains and engaging Mondarlezo for listing would help much. I’m seeing it from a point as an ex-Internet marketeer when I have experience some form of success in recognition and internet traffic rankings. The effort where I can see is placed mostly would be placing all the new and existing projects, this would definitely be a tough nut to crack.

It takes more than that to bring your site up to be a leading Realtor tool. Sorry for the flaming, but I don’t see the point of blogging your products. A particular agent mentioned about blogging her listings in her blogs, but again, it shouldn’t work this way.

I’ve seen Fred Teo’s Serangoon Garden blog, blogging about the area, the history and the culture. That’s a good line we can start off with. With additional help from REAL/ SEAL web, adding a huge big link on the blog portal to his listings would be probably the correct way since it’s aesthetically clean and should attract different kinds of guests when he’s blogging about the area which he has a niche in.

A site can only be successful with its usefulness relevancy, a huge multiple relevant backlinks, and optimized for SEO. Knight Frank is edging its way towards it.

I’ll be transforming this little space as soon as I can in the next few days to what I think a Realtor’s site should look like with Realweb so I don’t have to engage my programmer to custom the site dynamically for property listing.

It wasn’t a bad seminar experience indeed.