StreetSine is Upgraded

I was talking about how good StreetSine reports were with its mass information for Home Owners and Property Agents.

Now, StreetSine brings in more good news with more helpful data for home seekers and home owners.

Dear User,

Since the initial launch of our private residential Home Report service a few months back, we’ve received numerous positive testimonials from our users. Home hunters, investors and agents have told us that they’ve found their ideal homes faster and smarter with the service.

Today, we are excited to announce a list of upgrades from our user feedback.

1. We now track Days on the Market (DOM)
2. We also track price adjustments to property listings
3. We have added district trends to our other trends
4. We have substituted the Median Asking PSF for the Index Price in the executive summary so that the user has more flexibility in how he uses the Index Price
5. In the drop down for landed property report generation, we have allowed for search by street. We have also included the landed square feet in the drop down. The latter will aid in the quicker selection of comparable properties.
6. Made the summary report more user friendly by making several changes, such as changing the figures to PSF.

For the Agent:

7. At the top of the Home Report, agents will soon have the option to enter their client name so that it reads “Prepared for (client)”
8. We have enlarged the “Prepared by (agent)” at the bottom of the page as well as added a disclaimer for the agent

You can already view these changes in the sample Home Report at and we hope you will take a look.

We are also in the final testing of our inter-active Home Report. Subscribers will soon be able to customize the report with a few simple clicks.

Thank you for your consideration. Stay tuned for more updates brought to you by StreetSine Analytics Team!

Have a good weekend,
StreetSine Analytics Team

So fellow Realtor, get your subscription with a $200 discount on a StreetSine unlimited report generation today. Don’t be left out ;)

StreetSine Home Report Is Great – Have You Had Yours Yet?

StreetSine Home ReportI was fiddling with my new StreetSine market report for my clients to analyze and plan their marketing proposals. Just one word about this tool which I highly recommend for fellow realtors, AWESOME.

It makes Comparative Market Analysis so much easier. Gone are the days that I will have to spend to find comparatives to show my prospective clients, which could be done in just minutes.

What comes in the StreetSine Home Reports?

StreetSine Home Report
StreetSine Home Report

Individually selected private condominium or landed housing projects could be generated. You’ll have:-

  • Unit pricing and official caveat transactions since 1995
  • Comparable projects (by distance) & units (by floor level & size)
  • Suggests a Possible price for the unit
  • Rental prices
  • Rental yield & investment potential comparisons
  • Location Maps, Amenities (upcoming MRT stations)

The generation of report takes no more than 30 seconds and it’s being generated in pdf (20 plus pages, could be more) so you could send it directly to your client’s email for their references.

Tsk tsk, I save trees by sending to their emails instead. During presentation, I’ll be using my IBM X61T tablet so we could just draw on the report itself to make an impact on emphasis on any clauses in the report.

Download a sample copy of the Home Report from StreetSine.

Why StreetSine Home Report?

As professional Realtors, we do choose our listings, try to manage our time and effort when it comes to dealing with our buyers and sellers; The report generated by StreetSine references to the latest official statistics and data from URA. The reports act as a pivot point as data comes from official sources which would give a fair indicative of how the current market is doing.

Both parties would then know that an agreed price in terms of rental or sale if not far away from the recommendation would be an acceptable range.

You save time by closing deals more effectively.

StreetSine Home Report Sample  - Similar Projects to Hillview Regency
StreetSine Home Report Sample - Similar Projects to Hillview Regency

The statistics generated impresses me. And if it could impress a professional like me, it should do more delight to your clients when you present it to them. I find the ‘Amenities within 2km’ and ‘Similar Projects’ very useful for presentation.

Should I get per report basis at $25 each or just pay $899 for an annual subscription for unlimited report generation?

It costs $25 to generate an individual report. If you’re a home owner who’s curious about your property data, I would suggest you just purchase one report. But for fellow colleagues, take the $899 option, whatever that you’re closing will make you way more folds than the subscription.

It’s just part of your business cost, tax deductable.

They’re also having a current special promotion. If you’re using my referral link to subscribe, you’ll save an additional of $200, discounting it to $699 effectively.

Bah why not share with my colleagues to get the account?

I would strongly object to this move. These things are intellectually StreetSine’s rights and I’m sure they do monitor your usage.

Also, your name, Real Estate company and phone number is included automatically in the report, so why go through the hassle of having a possibility of your account suspended or editing the data with your own signature?

Subscribe at $699 for a no-frill unlimited report generation today!

Home owners who are looking for an effective agent to market your property can also contact me for an analysis of your apartment or house anytime (: