Avenue South Residence – The Gateway to Greater Southern Waterfront

It’s been a long time since you get almost all ticks in a home that could be a great investment in the market.

Avenue South Residence’s Details

Avenue South Residence is located at Silat Avenue with a land parcel size of approximately 22,851 sqm. It comprises of 1,074 dwelling apartments and will come with two towering 56-storey towers, 5 4-storey blocks comprising of apartments, shops and a childcare centre. It’s principle architect is ADDP and the building construction is slated to complete in 2Q 2023.

The apartment offerings comes in 3 different themes, namely the Heritage Collection, the Horizon Collection and the Peak Collection. Find out how they are different by connecting to any of our SRI realtors today.

7 Reasons Why a Homeowner of Avenue South Residence should be Excited

Greater Southern Waterfront at the Door

ASR view
Avenue South Residence view to capture the growth of GSW (Artiste Impression)

The announcement of the expansion of Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) could not be more timely in this year’s National Day Rally by our Prime Minister. He has already given a synopsis of a small part of what is going to happen to the Keppel Golf club and what entails later with.

With the size of 2,000 hectares in transformation (6 times the size of Marina Bay), this will be the key jewel for Singapore’s transformation of the southern coast and will intensify the connectivity for the island between the east and west. This also extends our Marina Bay CBD area which means more MNCs will come into play for Singaporeans and people who are living in the area to be closer to their work place.

Drawing experience from Marina Bay where exponential growth has happened from 2006, Avenue South Residence is also poised for the position and will see the transformation of GSW right in front of their eyes and stand to benefit on its locality merit.

Rail Corridor at Door Step

Avenue South Residence is connected to the Rail Corridor (Artiste Impression)

The Rail Corridor of 24km is slated to open by 2021. This behemoth project by Singapore Government is connecting all the greens around Singapore as part of its park connector project and making live, work and play more vivid and exciting. Minister Lawrence Wong just announced that the three national gardens will be connected via Green Corridor.

Avenue South Residence sits directly on the Corridor opening and when the construction of the project completes, residents get immediate access to lush greens park maintained by National Park. Not a bad way to return to home from work and head out for a walk with your loved ones.

SGH Campus

Artiste Impression from SGH. (Credit to SGH Campus Masterplan)

The SGH Campus Masterplan has two more growth phases to go which covers a span of 43 hectares where 60% covers on patient care and 40% will be targeting research and education. If you don’t already know, SGH was ranked 3rd in the world by Newsweek, and it seems that they are continuing that trend direction strong.

Benefitting from the new Integrated Resort 2.0

The two IR has committed 9B SGD combined to extend their gaming license to 2030. RWS will add more than 164,000 sqm (about half of their current GFA) with new waterfront lifestyle complex housing 2 hotels, retail spaces and eateries apart from Universal Studio Singapore having two more theme parks. All these will start opening from 2020 and will be fully expanded by 2025. MBS will be extending another 4th tower, boasting another 1,000 rooms.

The IRs current employs up to 20,000 employees and will add on another 5,000 employees to the workforce.

Immediate Huge Tenant Pool available upon key collection (TOP)

The locality with the above mentioned attributes and growth stories will grow the area with immediate tenant pool. As always, tenants love new apartments and especially one with character and facilities to boot. Avenue South Residence offerings are exciting and should attract investors who is looking for a long term play.

Strength and Track Records in UOL, UIC and Kheng Leong’s delivery

Artiste Impression of Avenue South Residence

If you haven’t seen Avenue South Residence showroom yet, book your time with any of our SRI realtors to see how did the developer carve up its spaces for the home dwellers and community. We keep seeing successful repeat patterns from UOL’s delivery as they have always been successful in identifying upcoming key parcels which has exponentially raised its prices overtime.

Land plots like these are something which the developer (and in which in lines with most Singaporeans love). A plot with conservation element play, that gives strong character heritage and yet iconic and towering, which encompasses a twin tower of 56 storeys at 200m Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL), much higher than existing competitors at this point. For comparison, Pinnacle at Duxton is at 156 AMSL. Imagine the views from the towers. Breath taking.

They build proven apartment layouts and retrofitted with quality finish that befits the theme of a great home. The twin tower block apartments are also side by side, which means you face no neighbours within your project. Privacy at its best.

Attractive Entry Prices (Limited to 300 units Only)

One key element for its attractiveness is definitely the entry price. As the developer were the sole bidders to the plot and when the announcement of GSW expansion was done, they got the plot at a competitive price. With that they have an edge to launch at a very attractive quantum and per square foot range.

UOL Group CEO Mr. Liam has announced that 50% of the development sold will be under 1.5mio in range, and they have set the bar high with the first 300 apartments being priced to sell.

It’s definitely a first come first serve judging from the tone set on the media release before the prices averages up as the take up demand is stronger.

I could think of more than 7 compelling reasons but it’s a mouthful to finish. For an avid investor with growth stories that has already been presented in front and where the developer has priced its product correctly, it is an opportunity that is very hard to miss.

Contact SRI for your visit pass to the Showroom and latest updates on Avenue South Residence

SRI is proud to be appointed as a Developer Sales Team for Avenue South Residence, please feel free to contact any of your favourite SRI realtor for invite passes and an exclusive presentation of this esteem exciting product.

Contact any of our SRI realtors for an in-depth and exclusive presentation at Avenue South Residence showroom

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