Real Estate Photography with Phone Cameras

The time is near.

Don’t be surprised when any of your Realtors actually whip up their iPhones or Huawei and deliver great photos for their marketing anymore. With the latest iPhone 11, you have a 13mm equivalent that takes more wider photos than your usual 16-35 or 17-40 professional lenses. Previously before that happened, I always have to attach an external lens to the phone which widens it to 18mm equivalent. It’s a hassle.

My Usual Work Flow

I will usually use my Sony A9 full frame with some strobes and fire my shots, take out the SD card and head back to my trustworthy Macbook Pro to finish off in Lightroom Classic.

Some of my works

As a hobbyist, this has been my work flow for my clients’ portfolio of photos and they have worked well for me. But such work flow is harder for many of the current realtors to follow since there’s knowledge gap on photography and editing. We do teach such classes in our SRI Enrich series free of charge.

Photos with the new iPhone

These photos are taken with the new iPhone 11 Pro on its 0.5 wide angle and digitally touched up with Lightroom Mobile.

If you are keen on visiting the above, feel free to contact any SRI realtors for a visit to Avenue South Residence.

The problem I face with the new mobile workflow is that there is no RAW support for its wide angle lens yet and the dynamic range for the shots is not enough for me for changes; the plus point of such mobile work flow is that the phone cameras are smart enough to stitch multiple shots together (HDR) such that you get a crisp foreground and background.

Would I be totally be replacing my Sony Full frame gear with mobile camera? The answer is no, but I can see where the flexibility is when it comes to portability of gears and taking reference shots before using my gears (I use both 12mm fixed and 16-35mm to achieve my marketing material looks)

SRI Enrich with Benson – Mobile Photography for Real Estate

Realtors alike if you are keen to explore Team SRI, speak to any of our SRI team leaders or team mates for more information about our Enrich classes and to find out how we could benefit you as a team to win together.

These Enrich classes happen very often and are crafted by experienced and practicing SRI mentors that will benefit and value add your realtors’ journey.

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