Does PropertyGuru Deserves a Renewal on Premium Account After a Year?

I’ve received an email reminder from Sherlyn, PropertyGuru to inform me that my premium account is due for a renewal next month.

Let’s recap PropertyGuru’s review that I’ve done donkey months ago on how it’s affecting my review to the service it provides for both agents and consumers. Since then, PropertyGuru has massively transformed from a new player in the property market place to a veteran with a huge spike in internet traffic.


The Positive Changes So Far

All the minuses that I mentioned previously in my article was taken care of (and I wonder does the PropertyGuru team actually reads my article, and if they do, good call :))

+ AgentNet Login is being really obvious now with the big blue icon
+ Since I’m on premium, I have no complains with their photos limit of 3 unlimited photo uploads limit.
+ New segments such as MarketPlace that allows more agent features, Wanted Leads that brings you direct clients with requirements.
+ Ask Guru still remains strong for property searchers to ask and for agents to showcase their knowledge.

Something New
+ SMS text message sent to your phone on enquiries by prospecting buyers, you get to call them right away. How’s that for customer service?
+ Listing of properties has became more friendly over the months, with new suggested search for condo listings, quality score, watermark feature and extending expire ads.

The Traffic War

First, let’s look at how much traffic it has picked up since the last review done a year ago.

PropertyGuru has breached the 100,000k rank since last year and is top 40,000 sites of the world. It's a feat.
PropertyGuru has breached the 150,000 Alexa rankings since last year and is top 40,000 sites of the world. It's a feat.

Even Alexa has changed dramatically with a facelift over the year. PropertyGuru has shed 120,000 ranks and is now at 39,000 (The lower, the better) ranked site in the world. PropertyGuru’s site penetration has one of the best for our locals, followed by South Korea, China and India.


The 3 reputated Singapore Property Portals (ST701, iProperty and PropertyGuru) showhand in Alexa’s comparison chart.

ST701, iProperty and PropertyGuru Shootout
ST701, iProperty and PropertyGuru Shootout

PropertyGuru emerged the winner among the 3 sites, considering ST701 was the market leader previously (again it’s not fair to judge with ST701 being a portal which is directly competing with classified sites like 88DB and Mocca, which means PropertyGuru did considerably even better than expected)

Testimony from Benson Koh

It works, I’ve some deals that has been closed with fellow agent friends and direct buyers coming. Why do I know? I have premium accounts with most available effective portals that we’ve mentioned previously and I always do ask my leads on where did they get to know me to keep track the effectiveness Return On Investment (ROI) tool I have, PropertyGuru scores undoubtedly high in that department.

Is it worth to pay for a premium account?

Hands Down YES.

ps. Tsk, if you’re thinking that PropertyGuru is paying me for such a review, maybe that SHOULD ;)

9 thoughts on “Does PropertyGuru Deserves a Renewal on Premium Account After a Year?

  1. No I do not mean theirs. What I mean is the Alexa is axtually very a breif reference only. I ever monitor 2 of my clients site, the site with lesser unique visit based on Google analytics has actually lower Alexa ranking than another who has higher numbers of unique visitors.

  2. Ah, I’m sure Alexa isn’t accurate since its algorithm is to monitor everything it could.

    Again, it’s just a brief simple analysis on my part since I wouldn’t be able to install track codes of my analytics to their sites; that would still suffice wouldn’t it? ;)

  3. What above mentioned is very true. As for any internet marketers, Alexa is NOT a good tool to measure activity.

    Hey benson, since you mentioned iproperty, it got a classitool function. With that tool, you can actually install their open listing database on your website. Sounds cool, isn’t it? With that database generator plus bumping up your real estate website with SEO, the website should get traffic checking on your listing on autopilot! What do you think?

    1. Haven’t tried it yet, but I don’t want to be bo-eng with mindless queries leh bro. My group has something up our sleeves to do something more relevant to our marketing for our clients. Akan datang (:

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