Key Collection for Tierra Vue in July 2009

Key Collection for Tierra Vue Owners this July

It’s confirmed. A Tierra Vue owner client of mine has gave me a call 2 weeks ago to inform me about his unit’s keys availability in July as his solicitor has asked him to get ready.

He has sneaked into his unit and has a couple of shots of his unit as well as the surrounding compiled in pdf. Any interested parties of Tierra Vue can take a look at his duplex unit which is open for sale as well. You can contact me for more information.

A General Overview on Tierra Vue (Pre-TOP)

Tierra Vue on 10th April 2009
Tierra Vue on 10th April 2009

Actually I have snicked in before when the gardeners are doing the landscaping for Tierra Vue. The general feel for the project is good, nice ambience, decent sized project.

There are a few good factors which should be able to maintain the price of Tierra Vue project at its developer’s price; again it’s a bet. We know Tierra Vue’s pricing wasn’t the most ideal for buyers at the time of launch; median about 890psf, which is pretty high.

Good Finishing, Bedroom Sizes Err..

MCL Land’s finishings for projects has always been decent. I’ve peeked into the ground floor units. You have decent finishing for sure. A probable complain would be about the bedroom sizes. Again, most of the new projects have this same problem with the bedroom sizes. To overcome this problem, you can always consult your Interior Designer for space-saving techniques.

Prices for Tierra Vue

Since we know the launched developer’s price was high, we expect most current owners wouldn’t mind breaking even should there be any chances; As we can see lately there was two transactions (a 3 and a 2 bedder) in February and March that was clearly underwater.

Whether the transaction prices could still hold would determine on the key collection phase whether the owners will have the ‘Wow’ factor when they open the door to their apartment. We would expect some transactions to happen still before the TOP phase in July.

You can find more information about Tierra Vue and download a copy of the catalogue here.

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